Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Robots and Bugs

I was listening to a podcast about Dung Beetles this morning. Yeah that's right wise guy. Now that your snide remarks are finished I'll continue. It was extremely interesting. They were discussing the various horn configurations, and segued into Rhino Beetles. The scientist being interviewed described one specimen that was crawling up his arm at that moment as being nearly 4 inches long! I had to check these bugs out, and long story long, stumbled across the site of a man called Mike Libby.

I love robots and I love bugs, so Mr. Libby's site, called Insect Lab, was mash-up heaven! He's what is known as a bio-mechanical artist. Using real (dead) insects, electronic components, and antique watch parts, he creates "robot-like insects and insect-like robots". They're amazing and beautiful pieces of art that are not really functional, but seem like they could be. Each insect is presented in a glass dome or custom black shadow box. I have a birthday coming up soon and I'm clearing off shelf space.