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An Alphabet In Twenty-six Parts

In the summer of 2003 I was invited to contribute a letter to a one-of-a-kind alphabet book that was being auctioned off for charity. I was assigned the letter M, and at the last minute was asked to create an image for the letter B as well. After my paintings were completed I sent copies to my charming agent, Bernadette Szost, and she suggested that I do the rest of the alphabet in my "spare time."

I do what I'm told.

By late spring of 2004 I was about half way through the letters when I received a call from Max Meyer at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. He said that they would like me to exhibit my work there for three months beginning that December. I would be the very first illustrator to have a show with them.

Again, I do what I'm told.

The exhibit would consist of original art and sketches from a book that I had done the previous year called Paul Bunyan. That was great, but there was a lot of wall space left over, so I suggested the alphabet series and shifted into high gear. The last letter was completed just in time, and the show was so successful that the museum has made illustration and education outreach a regular part of their exhibit schedule.

This morning Max Meyer called to tell me that the museum was opening a new wing called the Early Child Learning Center, and asked if they could purchase the entire alphabet for permanent display in the reading area.

I do what I'm told!

You can see the entire alphabet here -

And purchase letters of your own here -