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My new robot dedicated site,
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(After the uprising you'll be glad you did.)

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Can't hear banjo over clanking. Back to drawing board.
*Note, whistle is audible.

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A Midsummer Knight's Read

The Illinois Library Association's Adult Summer Reading Program for 2011. Thanks to Jill Donovan of Wagner Donovan Design for the job!

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I ran into the Brown twins on the street while visiting San Francisco in 1987. I had no idea who they were, but asked if I could take their photo. They struck a pose without missing a beat and informed me that they were the city's unofficial ambassadors of good will, which I found easy to believe.

As I walked on I remember thinking about how delightful and charming they were, then wondering if they were in drag.

Six months later I was back in Chicago looking through a design annual when I came across a print ad for coffee that featured them. One was regular, one decaf. 

The photo was shot on 120 film with this toy camera.

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Soapy Goodness

Great news! For the price of a Grande Mocha Choca Chino Latte you can support independent music and bring massive joy to your ear bones, head bones and heart bones. Just go to here and click the button for Soap Collectors new album!

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