Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finger Knitting, How Cool Is That?

My son Marc recently moved to Portland, OR. We were having a conversation on the phone tonight as he was walking to the local public library, when he saw a piece of public art and started telling me about it. The Pacific Northwest College of Art is connected to the project, here's the description from their blog.

"Over the last couple years in Portland, there has been a city wide spontaneous art happening where people have chained tiny horses to gigantic rings which line the sidewalks of the older business and residential neighborhoods. The original idea came from artist Scott Wayne Indiana and is called the The Horse Project . The rings were originally set in concrete for people to tie their horses to when that was the main mode of transportation. At our table kids and adults will be crafting the horses legwarmers, blankets, yarn garlands and hats, using finger knitting and easy spool techniques."

Finger knitting? I never heard of that before, but was very happy to find the following informative video further down the page.

The end result looks nice, now I just need to find a video to show me what to do with that.

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Suzy Jorsey Balay said...

That is cool - I think it may be my next class to teach.
You can make a lot stripes of different colors and novelty yarns than sew them together to make anything from a scarf to sweater. I think ever waiting room or any where you have to queue up should have yarn for all the inpatient folks, it is therapeutic, have fun.